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Pre-Course Tasks (Level 6)

Hello, and welcome to The Learning Institute!

These pre-course tasks are for students who are starting the BA (Hons) Advancing Practice in September 2023. These activities should be completed before Thursday 21st September.

There are a range of activities for all students, and a few orientation activities for those students who are new to TLI and the University of Worcester or are returning to us after a study break.

Please look through all activities carefully and if you have any problems please contact Johanna Cliffe as Course Leader or email

You can chat with fellow students via our BAAP group for 2023 applicants, and once you have registered with the University, via their virtual learning environment (VLE).


A warm welcome to all of you starting your Level 6 study with us at TLI on the BA Advancing Practice degree (BAAP).

There are a series of tasks for everyone to complete before attending the induction session on 21st September 2023. These tasks are for students progressing from Level 5 study with us into Level 6 and for new and returning students, no matter the pathway you hope to read as part of your degree.

There are a few additional tasks for new students or those returning from a study break. These tasks are solely to support you in your orientation so that your start with us can be as smooth as possible. These tasks can be found in the designated folder below.

I hope that you enjoy your studying with us this year; the BAAP team are looking forward to working with you all

Warmest regards,

Johanna Cliffe (Course Leader) and the BAAP tutor team.

Activity 1: Review the SOLE guidance

Review the Student SOLE Page Demonstration to make sure you remember how to register. This is valuable for those who have not been students with UW in the past and will also remind those who have how to register.

Use this PowerPoint for a demonstration of the SOLE page - you will need to click on the Slide Show tab at the top, and then click From Beginning.

Activity 2: Review the Worcester Charter for Students

The Student Handbook contains a section on the Worcester Charter for students; see Section 4 of the handbook via this link, which sets out the Student Charter:

This Charter sets out the implications of those commitments for the University, the Students’ Union and every student working together in a spirit of partnership.

Read the Charter carefully so that you have an understanding of what is expected of you as a student and what you should expect of others.

Activity 3: Reflective tasks

Set targets for the year and develop a professional plan. You may want to begin this by:

(a) Reflecting on what you want to achieve this year. Consider:

  • reviewing your own targets as a result of your most recent previous study - what were you doing well? What were you still working on?
  • reflecting upon potential steps following graduation to identify where you wish to go next and what steps you may need to undertake to get there.
  • reflecting on your personal, academic and professional journey

(b) Keep a copy of these targets and your plan to share on induction day.


To assist you in thinking about your targets and how you might formulate a development plan you might like to consider a reflective model such as Boyatzis (see image below). Consider Boyatizis's notions of:

  • ideal self - your personal vision - who do you want to be and why? What do you want to achieve?
  • real self - who are you now? Include in this your beliefs, values, what you consider your strengths and the things you are still working towards, how do you see yourself and how do you think others see you?
  • what is the "gap" between your ideal and real self? What might you need to do to bridge this gap?

Boyatzis International Change Theory

Your targets and development plan can make up your learning agenda, the steps you need to take to build on your strengths and where possible reducing the gap between your ideal and real self.

Targets can be more challenging to create as they need to be quite specific to ensure they are achievable. The video* below considers a few tips that may be of use when setting targets.

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Make notes on your rationale for undertaking your Level 6 study, your journey so far and your targets and development plan and bring these with you to the induction session.

*please note the captions on the video can be turned on or off depending on your requirements and preferences.

Activity 4: Preparation reading

You first module (BAAP3001) will take a closer look at positionality and intersectionality. These may be terms you are familiar with, or they may be new to you. Attached is preparation reading for you to complete by induction day on 21st September, where discussions will set the scene for what is to come.

Thompson (2014) - Intersectionality

Thompson (2014) - Positionality

Please ensure this reading is completed as there will not be time to undertake this on the day and you will be discussing your thoughts about these terms.

Additional pre-course tasks for students new to TLI

These extra tasks aim to support new students in their orientation with TLI and the University of Worcester. These may also be helpful for any student returning from a study break.

These tasks are designed to ensure that your start with TLI is as smooth as possible. If you have any issues with any of the tasks please contact Johanna Cliffe (Course Leader for BAAP) or email


Activity 5: BA (Hons) Advancing Practice Summary Outline of the Course

For any of you that were unable to attend an open day for Level 6, you may be new to the way in which the programme is structured. This will of course be explained in detail at the induction session, however, you may wish to consider this before you attend. With this in mind the following activities are suggested:

(a) Read the Summary Outline of the Course, and make any notes that you feel are necessary

(b) Set out any questions that you have. Hold on to these until the Induction session.


Activity 6: Digital skills and technology

Review the technical specification of your computer and internet access. Though students can work with lower specifications than this we would recommend this specification for secure access to the online learning environment.


Activity 7: Orientation for new and/or returning students

For any new students, or those returning to us from a study break, you might find this link helpful in making sure you know your way around the online platforms and are aware of any academic skills and support pages. You can refer to back to this link as many times as you need to across the year.

If you have any questions please note these down and bring them with you to the induction session.

Once you have clicked the link a new page will open up. Please use the headings in the grey band at the top of this new page to navigate to different pages of information.

It would be useful to have accessed this link and familiarised yourself with the content by the induction session on 21st September 2023.