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The Learning Institute

The Learning Institute

Mental health and wellbeing

These CPD activities are suitable for anyone with an interest in the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Language matters 

The Mental Health Foundation (2020) points out that ‘words are a barrier to help-seeking and a motivator for making discrimination acceptable’. Language influences the way in which people view the world.  The meaning we attach to words and language can shape our feelings, attitudes and beliefs not only about ourselves, but the wider world. 

This CPD is intended to support professionals in their use of accessible language when working with children, young people and families within multi-disciplinary contexts.

Download Language matters here

Reflective practice 

Research shows that reflection is an important way of supporting effective practice in a number of settings including education and health. Most settings have some form of performance management which requires reflection i.e. strengths and areas for development. Also, most roles in education and health entail supporting others to reflect on their learning and their practice. This CPD task seeks to support practitioners by helping them to understand some key principles of effective reflection and how a model of reflection can be applied.

Download Reflective practice here

Why work together? The benefits and challenges of multi-agency/multi-disciplinary working 

The 2004 Children’s Act identified the need for a wide range of professionals, organisations, schools and other agencies to work together to support children, especially those with multiple or complex needs. A knowledge and understanding of how this works in practice, and the ingredients that make it successful, are important for all professionals working with children and young people, regardless of whether they are directly involved with this kind of collaborative working.

This CPD will therefore introduce you to some of the key professionals and their roles, and to explore what makes this kind of collaborative working successful.

Download Why work together? The benefits and challenges of multi-agency/multi-disciplinary working here