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The Learning Institute

The Learning Institute

  • I didn't think a degree would be a possibility for me as a someone past the typical university age and with adult responsibilities like a full time job and a family.

  • I feel that we have been incredibly well supported, and the course was well thought out, relevant and beneficial, so thank you.

  • You are guided through each module, with literature to support your learning and an incredible online library. This teamed with empowering, supportive and knowledgeable tutors... be ready to achieve more than you thought you could - it’s happening to me!

  • Studying for a foundation degree gave me a platform to further expand my skills, knowledge and experiences which have all had a positive effect on my personal and professional life.

  • The support and guidance received as an apprentice was timely, challenging and effective, with individual's and school circumstances, taken into consideration.

About Us

The Learning Institute provides opportunities for individuals and communities through high quality education, training and research programmes that challenge personal barriers and promote social inclusion. 

We believe learning should be informed by research, guided by ethics and committed to communities.

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The Learning Institute

The Learning Institute
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