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The Learning Institute

The Learning Institute

  • It was so lovely to see our apprentice develop their practice, knowledge and understanding of learning and school, implementing actions from the course and embedding them during their own experiences in situ.

  • With regards to working with children, I have a better skill set to apply to my work and better awareness of how to support them.

  • Professional understanding and knowledge have helped me to have successful relationships with colleagues and to better support children and young people in their own learning journeys.

  • The most significant impact has been giving me the confidence to grow and learn, and look to doing further courses to widen my knowledge.

  • Where will you be in five years’ time? With this course, who knows – you could be on the way to somewhere much more exciting than where you are at the moment.

About Us

The Learning Institute provides opportunities for individuals and communities through high quality education, training and research programmes that challenge personal barriers and promote social inclusion.

Based in the South West of England, we deliver opportunities at venues in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, South Gloucestershire, Bristol and London. We offer a range of undergraduate and masters degree courses, initial teacher training, apprenticeships and CPD programmes.  Our courses are run locally, and are designed to fit around your other commitments.

At The Learning Institute we treat all learners as individuals.  We provide a nurturing environment with dedicated tutors and support for our students, trainees and apprentices.  If you are already working in the education or health sectors and want to further your career prospects, if you are returning to education, or if you are still planning your future, we may have a programme that suits you.

We believe learning should be informed by research, guided by ethics and committed to communities.  It should offer the freedom to make empowering choices, remove barriers to allow the freedom to make those choices and create the desire and expectation that the choices made will lead to positive change.

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The Learning Institute

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