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The Learning Institute

The Learning Institute


We offer a range of foundation degrees, top-up degrees and master's degrees in partnership with UK universities.

Foundation degrees 

What is a foundation degree?: A foundation degree is the equivalent of the first two years of an honours degree. 

At The Learning Institute, we currently offer full-time foundation degrees relating to education, health and children's services, consisting of academic study integrated with relevant work-based learning. These foundation degrees are accredited by the University of Worcester.

What could I gain?: The aim of a foundation degree is to provide students with a knowledge base that will enable them to reflect on the skills they need to be effective practitioners in an educational or health setting. 

Our foundation degrees will provide students with experiences that could further their careers in services to support young people through education and mental health.


Foundation degrees at The Learning Institute (September 2021 start):

These foundation degrees are accredited by the University of Worcester.  They are built around a core of modules relevant in each degree, such as those related to academic study skills and research, along with inclusion and diversity. The relevance of these modules to all degrees allows inter-related practitioners to study together, and we intend to offer all foundation degrees in each of our study venues across the South-West and London. 

Our foundation degrees are classed as full-time due to their work-based nature, meaning you are entitled to apply for all of the relevant funding available from Student Finance England.  However, your attendance at taught sessions is required for only one day (e.g. 1.00 p.m. – 7.30 p.m.) per week, and at two student conferences (Friday evening and Saturday) per academic year.

Find out more about our foundation degrees here

Bachelor's degrees and top-up degrees  

What is a bachelor's degree?: A bachelor’s degree is a three or four year course you can take in undergraduate higher education  – also known as a ‘first degree’ or ‘undergraduate degree’. Most courses are either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc). 

What is a top-up degree?: A top-up degree is the equivalent of the final year of undergraduate study.  It enables you to top up an existing qualification, such as a foundation degree or HND, in order to obtain a Bachelor's level qualification. 

The Learning Institute currently offers top-up degrees for students who have completed a foundation degree related to education, children's services or mental health.


Top-up honours degree at The Learning Institute (September 2021):

This new top-up degree will include four specific pathways (Early Years Professional, Inclusive Education, Learning and Education, Mental Health and Wellbeing of Children and Young People).  It will be accredited by the University of Worcester, and offered at venues across the South-West and London. 

*subject to validation

Master's degrees 

What is a master's degree?: A master's degree is postgraduate (higher education) study for graduates who have already completed an undergraduate course (e.g. a BA (Hons) degree or a BSc (Hons) degree.

What could I gain?: Completion of a master's degree leads to qualifications such as Master of Science (MSc), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Letters (MLitt) or Master of Research (MRes).  A master's degree can be specialist and career-related (for example the Master of Business Studies or Masters in Business Administration)


Masters degrees at The Learning Institute (starting Spring 2021):

These masters degrees are accredited by Newman University, and are offered at our teaching venue in Roche, Cornwall.

We regularly host information sessions for anyone interested in studying with The Learning Institute. These are currently taking place online - please check our Events page for upcoming dates.

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