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The Learning Institute

Missy's journey - part 1

Missy started the FdA Learning and Education in September 2021.  Here, she reflects on her decision to study with The Learning Institute, and her experiences during the first six months of the course.

I came out of my A-Levels thinking I knew what I wanted to do.  In reality, I did not know what I wanted to do.  I was terrified because I did not get the grades I needed in order to go to university to study nursing.  I spent a year pottering around working some jobs and still had no idea what I really loved.  Eventually I settled on the fact that I would love to work with children and might enjoy teaching them.  At this point however, I had no interest in going away to university, so I enrolled in the Open University.  It was not until a week before the TLI course starting date that I even heard about it from one of my mum’s work colleagues.  Mum and I thought it would not hurt to call up and find out a bit more about what The Learning Institute was.  After probably about an hour on the phone to TLI I had decided this was the way for me.  I did not want to go to uni but I still wanted the support of a tutor and other students.  The blended learning of online and live sessions was very inviting to me.  Like I said I only found out about it a week before the course started so I very quickly started my application as soon as I was off the phone.  I was very lucky as I had already used UCAS once before with school, therefore it was quite a quick and simple process for me.  After completing my UCAS I then just had to wait to be accepted.  I was very excited when I got my congratulations email saying I was on the course.

I had not been out of school for long; only a year at the point I joined TLI, so I was not very nervous about studying again.  However, everyone on the course has different lives and situations to juggle so I can only imagine other people's worries.  I do have a dog and a job so I was a bit concerned as to whether I would have the time to get all my study in, but this really has not been a problem for me this year.  Obviously, this has been a very strange year and I have now only one module left and am yet to meet my PAT group and tutor!  However, I feel like even online we have all grown very close and I can rely on them to help me and support me through my assignments and study.  The fact that we have had no face-to-face meetings this year has not been a massive issue as the online sessions are super informative and interactive and I have had all the resources I need to complete my studies.  However, I cannot wait to experience a face-to-face session as I feel as though I have already made friends on this course who I cannot wait to meet and connect with in person, as well as my PAT who has been amazing all year!

My first year has been an experience.  I am not the most self-confident person you will meet and therefore I have had my doubts and my meltdowns, with lots of tears.  However, these are so outweighed by the good times, all the passed assignments, all the reassuring phone calls, all the laughs and memories.  I have grown in confidence and self-belief so much in one year - I am extremely proud of myself.  The course has been so enjoyable and interesting.  I did not really feel like I was even studying a degree, because it is what I want to be doing!  I am aware that things will change in year 2 but I know that the support and relationships I have built will make everything 10x better and get me through my dark times of self-doubt.

I have never been the best or brightest student; I would say I am pretty average.  However, I feel like TLI was the perfect route for me and sometimes I think maybe I am slightly above average.  You are the only person standing in your own way, if you want to do something do it.  If you are considering joining TLI do it because I promise if you put in the effort you won’t regret it and you will get back what you put in.  Don’t push yourself to breaking point, enjoy your studies, enjoy your peers and tutors, because on this course you will meet people from everywhere and all walks of life.  Not one person on my course is the same or has the same commitments, we all have different lives and responsibilities and yet we get along so well and support each other without question.  Finally, do not put yourself down because at the end of the day your best is your best and I am telling you it's good enough and you will get there.  Just have a little faith in yourself and your abilities, there’s always someone that can help 😊