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The Learning Institute

The Learning Institute

TLI Research: Making progress

The Learning Institute research staff are pleased to be making progress in the developments of the research project into natural schooling and using curriculum innovation projects to improve student outcomes.

On the 23rd March we held a very productive meeting with our partners from Spain, Italy and Sweden, where we discussed the individual themes each organisation will focus on throughout the project. The effect of natural schooling on the mental, emotional and physiological well-being of students and staff presented itself as an important theme for all the organisations, whilst others also expressed interest in how the project would effect students’ attitudes to learning, their roles as global citizens and their knowledge and engagement with issues of environmentalism.

We are also very excited to be working with Devon Wildlife Trust - local leaders in the preservation of wildlife and natural landscapes - as well as Rogue Theatre, Cornwall’s own award winning immersive theatre company whose players create, market and perform all within the magical confines of the woods.

If you would like to find out more about the Erasmus+ Natural Schooling project feel free to email the research team at or, or check out our Twitter page @TLIresearch.