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Information for employers

The Apprenticeship Levy 

If you are a levy paying employer (salary bill greater than £3,000,000), your fund can be used to pay for apprenticeship training through the apprenticeship service.  The cost of training is spread out across the training period.  If you overspend your fund, the government will subsidise 95% of your apprenticeship costs - you will only pay 5% of the training costs.  For detailed information about apprenticeship funding, see the apprenticeships website.
If you are not a levy paying employer, you can claim funding from the government to support 95% of your apprenticeship costs.  Non-levy paying employers are going to be brought into the apprenticeship service alongside levy paying employers for contracting training provision.
The Learning Institute would like to help you plan your provision ahead of that taking place. 

Staff development programmes using apprenticeships (Levels 2-7) 

Apprenticeship funding can only be used to pay for apprenticeship training.  Building your staff development programme around the available apprenticeship standards ensures best value for money, as money will be withdrawn from your fund (apprenticeship levy contributions) if it is not used.

The Learning Institute has identified some key apprenticeship standards that facilitate staff progression within a development programme.  Currently, these focus around:

Learning and teaching


Administrative support

School improvement

Please click on the links for more information about these development programmes and the specific apprenticeship standards that they relate to.

Our current apprenticeship programmes are not exhaustive, and we would look to support your staff development in other areas - just ask!

Funding eligibility criteria 

Funding can only be used to pay for the training identified within an apprenticeship standard.  The standard selected must substantially cover the job role of the prospective apprentice.

The Government has set clear eligibility criteria for becoming an apprentice.   They are:

  • Being 16 or over
  • Living in England
  • Not in full-time education

The criteria for the employer to access funding are more complex.  The detail of these can be found in SFA publication  Apprenticeship Funding: rules and guidance for employers, but to summarise:

  • Is this a genuine job – will the contract enable an apprentice to fulfil requirements of the relevant standard?
  • Can the organisation provide sufficient support to the apprentice? 
  • Has a provider been identified to deliver training and an assessor for the End Point Assessment?
  • Does the apprentice require sufficient new skills/knowledge to justify access to the apprenticeship training?
  • Does the apprentice have the right to work in England and will he/she spend at least 50% of his/her working hours in England?
  • Does the apprentice have the prerequisite qualifications to access the apprenticeship? 

Setting up an apprenticeship programme

The Learning Institute will support you through the process of setting up an apprenticeship programme.  At the initial meeting, a TLI representative will explain in more detail about how we can support your staff development programmes, deliver apprenticeships, negotiated costs and the commitment required for supporting an apprentice in your workplace, including:

  • providing the required time for off-the-job training
  • the role of the work-based mentor
  • selection of the appropriate apprenticeship standard(s)
  • appointing an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO)

End Point Assessment

The employer has to appoint an  End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) for each apprentice.  This is to ensure their impartiality and quality assure apprenticeship programmes. 

The Learning Institute is a registered EPAO for the Teacher and Academic Professional apprenticeship standards.  Find out more here.

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