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At The Learning Institute we are aware of the difficult situation facing schools and their staff in the current COVID-19 crisis situation. We aim to support them by providing a range of short CPD activities for school staff staying at home to develop their professional practice.

These CPD activities have been grouped by category, and are completely free to download via the links below.  We are adding new activities regularly.

**NEW THIS WEEK** - Mindfulness and art in an outdoor environment, and knowledge and understanding in primary science

Supporting primary science - Part 2: Scientific knowledge and understanding, the use of scientific vocabulary and addressing

Science, together with English and mathematics, is a core subject within the national curriculum therefore science should have a prominent place within the timetable. This CPD task seeks to support practitioners by helping them to understand the structure of primary science curriculum and learn ways to support pupils in practical science activities. There are three separate stand-alone parts to this CPD.

This second part helps to give you an understanding of the scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding element of the science curriculum. It will help you realise how important it is to use correct scientific vocabulary and recognise and address some of the misconceptions that children may have acquired.

Download Supporting primary science - Part 2: Scientific knowledge and understanding here


Taking learning outdoors - Part 4: Mindfulness through art

The purpose of this CPD relating to outdoor learning is to encourage practitioners to think more deeply about the role outdoor learning might have in the support of health and wellbeing.

It explores how the act of ‘mindfulness’ or a ‘mindfulness approach’ can be adapted to deliver art in the natural environment by focussing attention to the present moment.

The CPD is suitable for anyone working with - or wanting to work with - young children and/or anyone who simply has an interest in outdoor learning.

It should also provide inspiration for parents, TAs and teachers to use outdoor contexts as part of their everyday teaching by making use of outdoor environments, be it a garden, a school setting or a local open space as a free resource for outdoor learning.

Download Taking learning outdoors - Part 4: Mindfulness through art here

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If you would like to sign up for more information about upcoming CPD and the other courses we offer, or if you have any feedback about these CPD activities, please contact us here.