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The Learning Institute

Missy's journey - part 2

I started my university course with The Learning Institute in 2020 and had only been out of school for a year before that. Therefore, returning to study was not really a struggle for me at the time. However, working full time as well as studying and trying to do assessments was the biggest thing I had to get used to.

The course is amazing as it completely accommodates for people that work, people with children, people with busy schedules etc. so everyone on the course has a different experience but the amount of support that they require. I have had such a good experience so far and any fears that I did have are now non-existent. It has been a very different study experience compared to sixth form, and I have had to get used to using a computer a lot more often to access modules, sessions, reading and resources, which at times was challenging but never an issue.

Studying during the pandemic was interesting and had its challenges and draw backs. However, for the most part, TLI have made it as easy and as interactive as they possibly could, and I have formed some strong friendships and relationships with my tutors. It has been difficult at times to communicate how I was feeling about certain assessments or modules via email, but my tutors have been so supportive, and I have had a few phone calls with my PAT to discuss my worries and queries. I’ve found all the online resources easy to use, and the IT teams very friendly and helpful if ever I did have an issue. I am really excited at the prospect of potentially having a normal blended learning experience next year as I believe it will really solidify my relationships and knowledge on modules during face-to-face sessions.