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#WednesdayWisdom from Georgette, a TLI graduate

Georgette has just completed the BA (Hons) Professional Practice. Find out about her experience as a TLI student.

Year of graduation: 2017 

Tell us a bit about what you are doing now 

I am currently a Wellbeing Practitioner in a Special School for students with Social, Emotional, Mental Health, Communication and Interaction problems. My aim is to become a pupil coach in a mainstream school or maybe in two years time come out of education but still work with children and families.   

How did you find the process of returning to education/study? 

To begin with it was very new territory as I had never written academically. However, once I began to enjoy the experience and realised that it was achievable with the right support I felt empowered. 

How has your life changed since you graduated? 

I am much more confident in both my working and personal life. It enabled me to have the courage to move on from working in the same job, as I had for the past 12 years. The world seems like a much larger place waiting to be explored and the possibilities are endless now. 

What did you enjoy most about studying for your degree? 

Making friends for life who all had a common aim and we all worked together and supported each other. I enjoyed the progression I made academically. 

What was your biggest challenge during your study and how did you overcome it? 

The dark moments when late at night or when it seemed everyone else ‘got it’ and I didn’t were so, so hard and I almost gave up a few times but then with the support of family, friends, colleagues and TLI staff I brushed myself off, gave myself a good talking too and dived back in. 

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to someone thinking about going back to education? 

BREATHE… is possible and you can do it. Take up the offers of help whether it’s for your work or help at home. And don’t waste time looking for hundreds of wasted references you might not use….word counts go super quick and it is hard to cut good quality work once you have written it!