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The Learning Institute

Nicolle's Diary #4: 5th May 2020

Coughs, crafts and completed assignments

In an almost ironic twist since my last post it has finally happened. Having expressed my concerns about my husband’s stints outside the house for work, he was sent home at the weekend having developed a cough. He walked through the door five hours early and announced he needed to book a Coronavirus test! It took the best part of four days to secure a slot locally, but he finally has his test booked for tomorrow. I won't lie - bizarrely him being at home, despite the reason why, has really allowed me an opportunity to not worry so much - it is amazing how the human mind works!

On to the more positive aspects of the week. This week we received a long-awaited delivery, followed rather ironically by a donation, of craft items. We made our own clocks and next week apparently, at the request of my four-year-old, I get to make a princess crown for my male dog. The excitement is palpable as I am sure everyone can imagine! The kid’s primary school also managed to set up online video lessons and my eldest got to experience his first today. He loved getting to do “what mummy does on a Wednesday” but there were a lot of tears afterwards! I also became ‘hairdresser’ but the less said about that the better.

In course related news, we spent some time in session this week talking about transitions, I thought this was especially relevant and I am sure I am not alone in waiting with bated breath for the Prime Ministers announcement on Sunday! How will our lives be changed next?

To finish last week, I said “yet much like with the lockdown measures being eased I’m not quite there yet!”, well this week I can announce with a great deal of pride I am there. Assessment seven of eight complete! Who can believe that this time last year the concept of starting university was terrifying to me and yet here I am almost finished for the year! It is surreal. For any of my cohort beginning to feel overwhelmed by the current situation I would honestly recommend taking an opportunity to reflect, not just on the past 9 months but on the months prior to beginning the course. It is amazing how far we have come and gave me a genuine boost!