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The Learning Institute

The Learning Institute

Love (of learning) in the time of Coronavirus #3: Remains of the day

Deadlines, home learning and chocolate - lots of chocolate!

DsnghiUPUIJON  UFHSUHJN AMIPJ is the input from the Baby-not-baby.  I wonder how many of us needed to check our assignments for helpful additions like that this week?    Despite the sudden appearance of my assignment deadline (well, sudden in my head, not in reality of course), I thankfully sent my few thousand words into the ether just in time – phew!

This week has been particularly chocolate-fuelled after the Easter Bunny managed to make an appearance despite the lockdown (thankfully, I’d been uncharacteristically organised this year!).  In our wisdom, we spent Easter Eve camping in the garden.  A quick scan of Facebook revealed that we were not the only ones and I had a crisis of identity when I realised how many of us are on the same craft-bake-camp-repeat trajectory at the moment.  Even down to the near-identical Easter cheesecakes which not only graced my Facebook feed but also my dinner table.  Then I realised – it’s not that we’re all unoriginal, it’s just that none of us can get any flour to make any other sort of cake!

‘Home Learning’ began again with an optimistic timetable - it went out the window when I thought Tuesday was Monday and we still haven’t caught up.  Luckily it makes no difference to anyone really).  The Teen is entirely self-sufficient, as usual.  In fact, I’m fairly sure that if she found herself in a Lord of the Flies scenario (which suddenly seems less far-fetched) she would have everyone organised and a commune happily existing in the blink of an eye with no need for adult intervention whatsoever.  She’ll probably still do all her homework!   Anyway, despite my valiant attempts for an education-filled schedule, we are finding ourselves a pattern of work, play and exploration which generally fades away by mid-afternoon leaving the remains of the day for Coffee (me) and Chocolate (the little ones).

When the Husband comes home (or downstairs), I can hide away and do some of my work.  It is even more joyful one evening after a long day of constant demands from the little ones when I am typing away and hear “Daddy I need a wee…Daddy a weeeeeeeeee” and just as the husband carries a naked Baby-not-baby past the door I hear “Daddy, I’ve done my wee now”.  I cannot help but smile.