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The Learning Institute

The Learning Institute

Love (of learning) in the time of Coronavirus #2: Les Miserables

Assignment deadlines, paddling pools and the run up to Easter.

Vive la revolution!  The peasants are revolting!

And they really are ... the mini peasants that live in my house are getting increasingly feral and I’m not sure when I last found the hairbrush.

They are also staging a behaviour revolt.  The Middle and the Baby-not-baby are ‘spirited’ children at the best of times, but isolation has sent them into a frenzy of determination that I have never known before.  Of course, I understand that they have lost control of everything in their lives apart from their crumbly-spined mother, but their constant need to exert control over me is exhausting!  BUT, their delighted squeals as they splash into the ice cold paddling pool are a tonic indeed.

We have been busily tie dyeing, veggie patching and baking our way through the pre-Easter week and I’ve been noticing my next assignment deadline playing Grandmother’s Footsteps with me while my back is turned.  The Teen’s hair dyeing attempts and blowing up the paddling pool have taken precedence today, but the long weekend beckons with the Husband home so I can ‘identify and evaluate’ some research ethics in peace!