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Are you an employer seeking to develop staff within a structured and nationally recognised programme?  Are you  planning to recruit new and aspirational staff, and develop in them the skills and competencies required for their role?  Are you looking to utilise the Apprenticeship Levy that you pay to the Government (salary bill > £3m), or pull down Government subsidy (90% training cost)? 

Are you seeking employment, or currently employed and seeking promotion to a new role?  Are you looking to be trained within the workplace and so develop the skills and competencies which will make you an effective and valued employee? 

The National Apprenticeship Programme enables employers to invest their Apprenticeship Levy into developing staff at all levels of their organisation.  It can be used for newly appointed or established members of staff, provided they meet eligibility criteria.  The programme allows employers to select the best delivery method and training provider to suit their organisation and the person being trained.  Apprenticeships can be undertaken at any age, and for many roles within organisations.  They provide training from Intermediate (Level 2) to Degree (Levels 6/7) level and can take from 12 months to 5 years to complete.

The Government is promoting apprentice training with a target of 3,000,000 apprenticeships by 2020.

Apprenticeships in Schools  

Apprenticeship standards are being developed for the childcare and education sector, however, there are many roles in schools for which standards fall within different sectors.  Teaching, technical, support and administration staff could all be the beneficiaries of an apprenticeship training programme that is funded by the Apprenticeship Levy or co-investment between the school and Government (10/90).  Schools are encouraged to look at their staff profile, audit training needs and identify where these needs might be met through the application of standards from the apprenticeship programme.  In the long term, such planning and provision will lead to higher quality provision for young people and greater motivation and ambition across the organisation.

The new National Apprenticeship Programme puts employers in control of the process and practice of training apprenticeships.  It is employer groups who have drawn up the standards; employers provide quality assurance through the Institute of Apprenticeships, and each individual employer has to set up their apprenticeship programme(s).  This includes:

· Identifying the role which needs developing and the appropriate apprenticeship standard to enable this to happen

· Selecting and contracting with provider of training—including negotiation on content and cost of training programme

· Selecting and  contracting with an Approved Assessment Organisation for end point assessment of apprenticeship

· Registering the apprenticeship with the Digital Apprenticeship Service to enable payments from Apprenticeship Levy to the provider and assessor

The Learning Institute Apprenticeship Support Programme

The Learning Institute is committed to supporting School Leaders to develop a highly effective motivated workforce ready to embrace change and work to ensure successful outcomes for young people. 

From an initial training session on the National Apprenticeship Programme, and provision of an easy to use Staff Audit Tool, through individual advice and guidance on suitable programmes, and including brokerage and provision of training and assessment packages, The Learning Institute will become a trusted partner in your staff development programme. 

With a background in Education and Leadership training, The Learning Institute understands the needs of structures of schools, and the increasing demands of accountability, whilst also recognising the imperative to develop schools as establishments, where everyone thrives in an environment of support, academic challenge and personal development.  This is as necessary for staff as it is for students.


Since April 2017 employers that pay salaries in excess of £3,000,000 pay an Apprenticeship Levy of 0.5%. 

· Standalone academies or independent schools with salaries exceeding £3,000,000 will have been paying the Apprenticeship Levy.  The Government pays £15,000 as an offset allowance towards this.  The Levy is paid in monthly instalments by PAYE.  It is stored in an organisation’s Digital Apprenticeship Account.

· Schools that are part of a multi academy trust will pay into the Apprenticeship Levy if the salary bill for the Trust exceeds £3,000,000 and the Digital Apprenticeship Account is held by the Trust, the offset payment will only be paid once and that will be to the Trust.

· Maintained schools pay their Apprenticeship Levy to their Local Authority. The Local Authority holds the Digital Account and the offset payment is made to the Local Authority.

· Employers/academies/independent schools with salaries less than £3,000,000 do not pay into the Levy.  When taking on an apprentice these establishments will have to co-finance the training with the Government.  They will pay 10% of costs and the Government will pay 90% of costs up to the training funding band for each relevant apprenticeship

Levy payments that have not been used after 24months will be withdrawn from the Digital Account.

Potential Apprentices - The Eligibility Criteria 

The Government has set clear eligibility criteria for becoming an apprentice.   They are:

· Being 16 or over

· Living in England

· Not in full-time education

The criteria for the employer to access funding are more complex.  The detail of these can be found in SFA publication “Apprenticeship Funding: rules and guidance for employers”.  But a summary would include:

· Is this a genuine job– will the contract enable an apprentice to fulfil requirements of the relevant standard? Can the organisation provide sufficient support to the apprentice?  Has a provider been identified to deliver training and an assessor for the End Point Assessment?

· Does the apprentice require sufficient new skills/knowledge to justify access to the apprenticeship training?

· Does the apprentice have the right to work in England and will he/she spend at least 50% of his/her working hours in England?

· Does the apprentice have the prerequisite qualifications to access the apprenticeship? 

School/MAT Staff Audit Tool 

Apprenticeship training should form an integral part of the school professional development programme.  Efficient use of the Apprenticeship Levy to fund staff development will require careful planning.

To assist schools in identifying training needs relating to recruitment, progression and succession planning, The Learning Institute has produced a Staff Development Audit Tool.  This can be used to analyse current and future training needs across your establishment, and enable you, guided by our Apprenticeship Adviser to identify the standards which best meet the needs of your organisation, and how these may be scheduled to maximise the use of your Digital Account.

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