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Reflecting: a student diary

Nicolle is currently in the second year of the FdA Learning and Education, and is one of The Learning Institute's Student Ambassadors.  She has been writing about her experiences on the foundation degree.

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  • 17/11/21


    These past few weeks have been an absolute roller-coaster of emotions. Readjusting to student life after a long summer break, beginning of dissertations, first submissions of the year and the long-awaited graduation ceremony in Worcester; all slotted in amongst the sudden realisation I need to know...
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  • 06/10/21

    Return to the Classroom - Nicolle's View

    The start of a new academic year is always daunting but none more than the final year of your three years of undergraduate study. Following a rollercoaster eighteen months that saw our partially online courses transfer to fully online in response to Covid-19, there was much trepidation and excitemen...
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  • 29/07/21

    A whirlwind two years

    I can officially say I am the proud owner of a Foundation Degree! I have held off on writing an update whilst the news sunk in. It has been a whirlwind two years, and I am so proud of myself and my course mates!
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  • 22/04/21

    Mini-Research Project and future thoughts

    It has now been just over a year since my first blog post for The Learning Institute and I thought now would be a good time to stop and reflect.
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  • 20/01/21

    20th January 2021

    Three months have flown by since I last wrote detailing the process of readjusting after the summer break. What shocks me most as I consider those 3 months is that I am on my fourth module of this academic year and that this is module four of six!
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  • 23/11/20

    23rd November 2020

    A year ago, we had our first student conference. To say walking into the lobby of that hotel was terrifying would be a huge understatement.
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  • 10/10/20

    A new academic year

    The start of a new academic year, as I reflected on last year I felt a sense of excitement- some semblance of normal was coming.
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  • 28/08/20

    A different type of summer and a new term

    As my extended summer break ends, I have been asked to reflect on the last couple of months and how I’m preparing to return to the new semblance of normal.
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  • 29/06/20

    Reflecting on my first year

    Rewind 12 months, I sit in my living room, I have sent off my UCAS application to study a Foundation Degree in Learning and Education. “Am I really doing the right thing?” I ask my husband.
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  • 30/05/20

    30th May 2020

    Back to school (for some), and an interview!
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  • 17/05/20

    17th May 2020

    "Is it still writer’s block when you have no idea what to write but can attribute it to a specific distraction?"
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  • 05/05/20

    5th May 2020

    Coughs, crafts and completed assignments
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