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A Northolt graduate's story

We love hearing from members of #TeamTLI alumni.  Here, a Northolt graduate from 2019 tells us about life after The Learning Institute.

I am on day 9 of my teacher training journey. I am currently in a nursery school in Deptford with a class of two and three year olds, so I am doing a lot of reading around 'In the Moment Planning' as I have not come across this before. My placement will change just before Christmas and I will move to a reception class and then Key Stage 1, then back to the first placement at Easter. That’s when I will be expected to be teaching 80% of the timetable!!!

This week is my first week at Goldsmiths University, and so far it has been information overload - arggggh!!  There is so much information to work through and there is much more to come, so I am in the process of organising and sorting it at the moment so that I can then create a timetable.

My confidence has grown so much over the last three years at Northolt. I am doing things I would never have attempted before - I would have run in the opposite direction! - so a big thank you to my PAT Trevor, and the other tutors who supported me on my journey.

Hopefully I will be able to tell you in person one day soon, who knows with what's going on in the world today. It would be lovely to see you all. In the meantime, say 'Hi' to the other tutors, and tell the new students that choosing a Foundation Degree with The Learning Institute is the best decision they will make, as long as they listen, get organised and stay focussed!!!