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The Learning Institute

The Learning Institute

TLI Research: New Erasmus+ Natural Schooling project

Find out how your school can be involved in our exciting new Erasmus+ Natural Schooling project.

Natural schooling is about learning with, through and about the natural world. Research from across the world shows us that participating in natural schooling has a significant positive impact on children’s learning and wellbeing. For these benefits to be fully realised, natural schooling needs to become an integral aspect of education policy and practice and firmly embedded within the curriculum for all schools.

To find out how your school can be involved in developing a pedagogy and curriculum through Natural Schooling, we would love for you to attend our upcoming launch event for our Natural Schooling Erasmus+ funded project. Join us as we welcome our international education partners, associate UK partners Rogue Theatre and Devon Wildlife Trust, and keynote speaker Karen Barfod from Udeskol, Denmark in a day full of discussion and learning

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