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The Learning Institute

Biscuits, quizzes and toilet roll

5 weeks ago I was playing our most important game of the season, and now here I am trying to master keepy-uppies with a toilet roll, which can I add, was incredibly hard to source.

I feel biscuits are disappearing from the cupboards at a slightly worrying rate and am surprised as to how many cups of tea my body seems to be able to hold in one day! The dog is staring at me in an incredibly baffled manner, almost as if to say, ‘Why are you here so much? You should be at work’ which I have no choice but to agree with!

I feel I have taken on a new full-time role as a question writer for the 3 quizzes a week I seem to be enrolled in which is doing wonders for my general knowledge. I feel the question ‘Which country is the largest?’ is one I am hearing more often than I would have ever thought. Wait.. Is that by land area or population?   

During what seems to be a very strange time for all of us, it feels important to reflect on what is happening and be grateful for the small windows of ‘normality’ that crop up. Whether this be a face timing session with loved ones or going into work to keep the country ticking over, it is important to remember that we all have a part to play and have to act to keep ourselves and close ones safe.

My degree course has been extremely helpful during this time and I look forward to my weekly sessions to see lots of familiar faces. Keeping on top of assignments is a challenge but one that brings a huge sense of achievement when that submit button is clicked. Everyone should be immensely proud of themselves for continuing to study during this time and I look forward to seeing everybody soon! (Without the need for a screen).

At the time of writing, Megan was in the first year of the FdSc Mental Health and Wellbeing of Children and Young People.  She is also one of The Learning Institute's Student Ambassadors.