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Studying with kids

With Mother’s Day approaching, we thought it would be a great time to celebrate all of the Mums (and Dads!) juggling work, kids, and a home, and still finding the time to study on a Learning Institute course.

We’re all about flexibility, and please trust us when we say it can be done! 

But don’t take our word for it.  We caught up with a couple of our great graduates, and created a Pocket Guide to Studying with your tiny tots. 

Read on for top tips on how to get the best from your experience, and bring the little angels along for the ride. 


1. Sweeten up the family 

As Louise in the video clip discovered, it’s okay to find that you’re having to lean on Granny for a few more babysitting sessions. You might find that your other half is fast becoming a pretty good proofreader, or Jim down the road is fantastic tech support. 

Either way, let them know that they’re appreciated. They’re proud of what you’re doing and will be happy to help out. 


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2. Plan your time 

Share your schedule with people so they’re aware of how busy you are (they might even offer to share the load). Our fabulous graduate April had these words of wisdom for us. 

“I made a timetable of my week and ensured I had designated times/days for everything that needed to be done. The house was a little dirtier and near assignment due dates, my children spent more time on technology than on days out, but we all knew it was temporary.”


3. Eyes on your end game 

Remember your end game, who you’re doing it for and what you want to take from your experience. 

Louise found that not only did she leave The Learning Institute with a foundation degree, she left as someone who is more confident, and understands her family even better. The studying part is only temporary, but the skills you learn along the way will stay with you forever.


4. Use your tutors 

Being an independent student does not mean being left on your own. You will have support from your academic tutors, your module tutors and from a whole host of support staff and services. Nothing good ever came from bottling it up. We’re here for you, use us!


5. Always make time for you 

And breathe… It’s the end of another long week, open a bottle of wine or put the kettle on, run a bath and try and make a little bit of time for you.