Student academic representatives (StARs)

Worcester Students’ Union and the University of Worcester are committed to ensuring that all students can influence and shape the course they study and enhance the learning experience for current and future students. For this to happen, every year of every course (on campus) should have at least two Student Academic Reps (StARs) elected by students to represent their views and concerns and to make suggestions about how their course might be improved.  As we are an off-site provider, a StAR is elected for every cohort, to ensure that all Learning Institute students can contribute.

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University of Worcester student representatives

Vice President, Education – Lewis Arnold (, 01905 543210)
Mature Student Representative – Debbie Doyle (

Our current StARs

Foundation Degree in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Level 4):
Plymouth – Andrew Tate
Radstock – Kieran Peters
Redruth – Tony Toland

Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care (Level 4):
Redruth – Helen Corrigan

Foundation Degree in Teaching and Learning (Level 4):
Exeter – Sarah Atkin
Helston – Gale Hoskin
Ilfracombe – Emily Slatter
Newquay – Tad Dewey
Northolt – Fiona Tucker
Paignton – Samantha Brown
Roche – Ryan Tate
Roskear – Jacqui Moyle
Southwark (Wed) – Ingrid Makiu
Southwark (Thurs) – Farimata Cham
Torrington – Emma Vine

Foundation Degree in Teaching and Learning (Level 5):
Brixington – Amanda Bennett
Callington – Lisa Aston
Exeter – Becky Wickenden and Luke Dorrington (deputy)
Helston – Jonathan Mayall
Ilfracombe – Si Field
Newquay – Hannah Gray and Katherine Lawrence
Paignton – Ceita Warmington
Roche – Rob Selby
Roskear – Karen Bond
Torrington – Kim Stone

BA Professional Practice:
Callington – Adele Bourne
Exeter A – Vicky Rowsell
Ilfracombe – Alison Gear and April Castle
Roche – Matthew Dean and Helen Lindsey
Roskear – Carrie Chappell and Hannah Jones