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Student Loans and other Finance

Tuition fees for our students will vary depending on government legislation from year to year with regard to assisting you in financing your degree. 

You will be classed as a full time student, therefore you may be eligible for a number of financial loans and grants that are currently available directly from Student Finanvce England.

Student Finance Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loans 

The vast majority of British applicants are eligible for both types of loan offered by Student Finance England.

Tuition Fee Loan: is paid directly from the Student Loans Company to the university in 3 instalments to cover the cost of tuition fees. 

Maintenance Loan: is paid directly to the student in 3 instalments to cover their costs of living.  A percentage of this is non-means tested, but around £5,000 of the loan is dependent upon income and personal circumstance. Those living with parents will have their parents' income taken into account, and those living with a partner may also need to provide evidence of their partner's income. The maximum maintenance loan awarded is £8,900.

Please be aware that student loans are automatically deducted from earnings in the UK once you earn over £21,000 p.a, or from April 2018 this increases to £25,000. You will pay 9% on all earnings above this amount, so if you earn £25,000 then you would pay back 9% of £4,000 (£25,000-£21,000) each year. Students loans are only repayable while you are earning and if you are earning less than £21,000 (or from April £25,00) then your repayments will pause.

Student Finance Grants 

During the student finance application there will be several other grants that you can apply for, depending on your personal circumstances. The most commonly accessed are:

Special Support Grant: typically offered to lone parents or those with certain disabilities

Disabled Support Allowance: typically offered to those with specific learning needs, with the allowance allowing access to specific support such as one-to-one tutorial support or additional equipment costs

Childcare Grant: This covers up to 85% of childcare costs for dependents under the age of 15

Parent’s Learning Allowance: This helps with course costs for those with dependent children

Adult Dependent’s Grant: This helps with costs if adults rely on you financially

Please be aware that you may have to repay this grant if you withdraw from the course.

For full assessment please refer to Student Finance England website

 For further information please email the recruitment team: 

Alternatively you can call one of our offices:

Callington 01579 385123 or Roche 01726 891807