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Should I apply for Student Finance before or after I have completed my UCAS application?

We recommend that you apply for Student Finance as soon as you have registered with UCAS. There is sometimes a delay with Student Finance due to the growing number of University Students, therefore the earlier the better! There is a section on the Student Finance on-line application where you can enter your UCAS number and some of your details will be copied across to save you time. Paper application forms are also available.


I already have some other qualifications; can these be used against my chosen course?

There are a number of criteria that will need to be met to enable you to use qualifications as APL (Accredited Prior Learning). Please provide us with your certificates as early as possible and we will research this for you. Each case is reviewed independently and only previous qualifications at Level 4 (i.e. higher than A-level) and above can be considered.

A good example of APL in practise is that most HLTA’s on our courses are able to not submit two assignments in Year 1 (only for modules pre-approved by your lead tutor). We still ask that you attend all of the sessions to ensure you do not miss any important information, though it’s nice to be the envy of your fellow students!


How is the course full-time if I only have to attend for one session a week in term-time only?

The course is designed for students to carry out alongside work. Even though you are only attending for one 6.5hour session a week, the time is made up with work based tasks and home study.


Is this a qualification that is recognised by other institutions in the UK and abroad?

Yes, this is a UK University Level qualification.


What if I am, or believe I am, dyslexic?

Once you have signed up we can arrange a Dyslexia Assessment. If it is found that you do have dyslexia, we will guide you through the official procedures to get the extra help and support you need. We do have a number of dyslexic students currently studying with us and others that have graduated from our Degree Level courses.

What if I am on benefits or receive Tax Credits?

In the first instance we advise that you contact your local Citizens Advise Bureau to find out if being a full-time student will affect your finances in any way. This should be done as early in the process as possible.


I already have a degree but would like a change of career – is this course right for me?

If you already have a degree then you will not be eligible for funding from Student Finance. Please phone one of our representatives to gain further advice.


Money worries? Apart from money from Student Finance, are there any other funding sources that I can access?

We are always on the lookout for new funding streams and keep all of our students regularly updated. We recently accessed some HEI Intervention Funding for our first year students working and living in Cornwall. Those that met the criteria in 2009 received a new laptop or alternative items to aid their study.


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