Routes into teacher training

with The Learning Institute South West


All of our School-based routes lead to the award of Qualified Teacher Status. However there are several different routes available to candidates, dependent upon experience, preference and certain pre-entry requirements.

School-based routes are a great way to gain the qualifications and practical skills which potential trainees need to become a teacher. It allows those who have just finished a degree, or have been working in a career for many years to combine teacher training with learning on the job.

The Learning Institute offers the following routes:

The Learning Institute South West (UCAS code L19) The Learning Institute South West School Direct (UCAS code 28N)
Biology  CX11 Art and Design  2SJ7
Business Studies  2CG2 Mathematics  2SHW
History  2QJY Physical Education  2SH3
Physics  F3X2 Primary Salaried – this includes FS/KS1 (FULL)
Mathematics  G1X1 Primary 5-11  2SHS
Geography  2QJZ Primary EY/ KS1  3244
Physical Education  2DDL
Chemistry  F2X1
Primary including EY  2CTH
 English  2QK2

Core and School Direct (tuition fee/ bursary)

Trainees are classed as a student on this route and can obtain all of the funding and benefits you may be eligible to receive. In addition, trainees may be entitled to a training bursary that reflects degree classification; please see the NCTL website for details.

The training fee is £9,000.00 for QTS with PGCE.

For School Direct the training school should maintain an intention to employ the trainee at the end of the course subject to funding, staffing requirements and other determining factors.

School Direct (salaried)

This route is only available to candidates with three years’ work experience and is for those who would be in a position to teach and be accountable for students’ progress from the first day of training. We normally expect that if applying for this route, you would be supported by a sponsoring school at the point of application.

If you have bespoke needs then call Teacher Training Team for further advice. There is still a need to meet all pre-entry requirements to apply for any teacher training.


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Please note: All information listed is correct at time of subject to annual review.