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Definition of panic

Don’t panic!

18/6/17 – International Panic Day – Don’t stress in silence! Check out our top tips for busting stress while studying! #InternationalPanicDay Stress is a bit topical for students this time of year. It always seems that exams, deadlines and workloads stack up in May and [Read More]

Studying with Kids

Studying with Kids Top Tips for Mums who Study With Mother’s Day approaching, we thought it would be a great time to celebrate all of the mums juggling work, kids, a home and still finding the time to study on a Learning Institute course. We’re [Read More]

Our first ever Facebook Live Q&A

We’ll be hosting our first ever Facebook Live Q&A session, on Thursday 19th January from 4pm – it’s your chance to ask us everything about anything to do with the Learning Institute. We’re all about flexibility. We know that you all have lives… REAL lives, and [Read More]